Website SEO Basics: Tips To Improve Web TrafficWhen it comes to your business website, there’s a lot at stake, and many website operators may not realize that a few simple website SEO tricks can make a noticeable difference in the number of visitors a website receives. Here are a few basic tips to help search engines and customers alike find your website.

Website SEO made easy

Good business websites are the products of good website design and a solid understanding of what the visitor wants. Most website operators don’t consider search engines to be bona fide “visitors,” but the truth is that a search engine may visit your website quite regularly to keep tabs on what’s happening. Having good, solid website SEO is just as important as making sure that the site is easily understandable by human visitors.

Tags, tags, tags. Understanding the significance of each kind of HTML tag is important. Use short, descriptive title tags that contain your keywords on each page of your site. The title tag has special importance to spending time here can pay big dividends when the search engines produce their results.

Tag your images. Search engines can’t see images, so the best way to make sure the search engines know what they’re “looking” at is to provide descriptive ALT tags for each image on the site. Use your site keywords naturally in the ALT tag if you can, but don’t attempt to use the ALT tag as a way to “stuff” your keywords.

Headings matter in website SEO. Headings within a page not only benefit the human reader, they also give a boost to your website SEO. Search engines use headings to determine the importance of information on a page, so using keywords in the headings on each page is considered the best kind of website SEO. You can also use keywords in the bold text on your page. Bold text doesn’t have exactly the same weight as heading text does, but search engines understand that bold text is contextually important.

Make internal links on your pages. Adding links to other pages on your site is also considered good website SEO practice. Links allow search engine spiders to discover other parts of your website that they might otherwise miss. If you have the opportunity to create links to other parts of your website, take it!

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