Website Design: 3 things to considerFor savvy business owners, the need for a business website is not open for debate. Businesses that have websites reach more customers than those that don’t, even though the majority of businesses still don’t have professionally designed websites. But one question that keeps coming up revolves around website design: “Should I design my own website?”

Do you know much about website design?

There’s more to website design than choosing a pleasing color scheme and providing basic information. Today’s website visitors expect form, but they’re also looking for a lot of function. Good website design provides a healthy dose of both, and it allows you to make the most of your investment in your website. Good design does more than catch the visitor’s attention; it also helps them navigate the website, find the information they’re looking for, establish your credibility in the marketplace and help them make purchase decisions. If you’re just setting up a business website, you’ll take your business farther and faster by investing in professional website design services. By using professional website design services, you’ll avoid basic design errors that reduce the usability and attractiveness of your website and potentially turn off your customers.

Do you have the time to invest in website design?

Good design starts with a lot of thought and planning. If you don’t have the time to sit down and really think about what your customers want and need from your website, or the goals your business can achieve by shifting some functions to the website, you may want to engage a professional website designer. By nature, website designers are problem-solvers. An experienced website designer can help make your website design productive for both your customers and your business. Good website design is a real win-win opportunity for your customers and you. Poorly designed websites cost your business money and time, and make your business a less attractive option for your existing customers and potential new customers, too.

Do you have the time to maintain your website?

Good website design principles don’t change, but the content of your website should change frequently. If your website design doesn’t lend itself to making content changes easily – adding and deleting pages, changing the information on a page, adding products or services – then your website maintenance will quickly become a chore, and your website isn’t likely to live up to its promise for either you or your customers. A professional website designer can help you make content changes quickly, or design pages that lend themselves to easy site maintenance.

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Photo Credit: arte_ram, via StockXchng