VaultPress Plug-in Can Protect Your WebsiteSecurity is a broad consideration for website operators. If you have a comprehensive website that includes a WordPress blog or operates entirely on the WordPress platform, you should consider adding the VaultPress plug-in to provide essential services, like backups, archiving and spam protection.

VaultPress Plug-in Offers Solid Protection

WordPress, developed and maintained by Automattic, is a free, open-source blogging platform that’s been around for more than 10 years. WordPress is used by about one-quarter of the world’s top 10 million websites, and has about 60 million active installations. As good (and easy-to-use) as WordPress is, WordPress installations can be vulnerable to a host of problems that website operators may not be prepared to resolve.

The overwhelming first concern is “security” but the reality of information technology is that simple failures are much more likely to occur than an obvious break-in. Simple failures include accidental erasures, hardware failures and other technical problems that could cause your website or blog to “disappear.”

With the VaultPress plug-in (also by Automattic – the creators of WordPress), users can choose among different levels of protection for their blogs. The VaultPress plug-in comes in three different versions: Lite ($55/yr), Basic ($165/yr) and Premium ($440/yr).
VaultPress Lite provides daily backups of your website/blog content, themes, plug-ins and your WordPress database. In addition, it provides automated restoration of your content, a 30-day archive and technical support.

If you use the WordPress platform to create your website, or you use a WordPress blog to drive traffic to your website, you’ll want to have a competent backup and restoration plan in place. At $55 per year, (or $5/month), the Lite version of the VaultPress plug-in will provide peace of mind, and a quick way to re-establish the majority of your website content if something unfortunate should occur.

VaultPress Basic provides a real-time backup, which protects your content as you make changes and updates to the blog. Basic also offers automated restoration, a full backup archive (which extends to all blog content added since the website’s inception) and technical support.

Depending upon the importance of your content, you may want to opt for the real-time protection that the VaultPress Basic plan offers. The major difference between Lite and Basic is the real-time backup and archiving capabilities. With a real-time backup, you can restore all content in the WP database, while Lite will only restore the content and settings that were captured at the time the last backup was made. If your website runs on the WordPress platform, VaultPress Basic will save you a great deal of time, money and frustration if your website content is lost for any reason.

VaultPress Premium provides all of the features of VaultPress Basic, but also provides priority technical support and daily security scans, to detect and eliminate known security threats and suspicious programming code that an outsider may have injected into your WordPress installation.

If your blog is a high-volume, high-visibility website built on the WordPress platform, you may want the protection of the Premium version of the VaultPress plug-in. The added security features will protect your content against malicious attacks designed to take your site down, deface it or replace your content with unapproved materials that are designed to embarrass your organization. Premium is an enterprise-level product, and a good investment for high-visibility WordPress-based sites.

The VaultPress-plug in comes highly recommended, and is easy to download, install and configure. If you manage multiple WordPress installations, each site will require an individual VaultPress subscription, but you can manage all of your installations from a single management console.

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