The most important page on your website

The most important page on your website

Think about your website for a moment. Of all of the pages on the site, which is the most important one? It’s not an easy question, because all of the pages on your website are important. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on your site. So which one is it? The most important page on your website is the one that has your contact information.

All of your pages should be the most important page

Making your contact information widely available throughout your website is a good way to ensure that your website visitors can reach out to you from anywhere on your site. The accessibility of your contact information becomes more important as your website grows larger. Whether you choose to put your phone number on a banner that appears on each page, in the footer of each page or in the margin, making yourself easy to reach is always a good strategy and allows every page on your website to become the most important page.

Don’t make your website visitors look for a Contact link. Remove contact barriers (no matter how small) for them. “Well, how hard is it to fill out a form?,” you might ask. If your visitor is looking at your website on their phone or on another mobile device, asking them to fill out a form might be like asking them to climb Denali. Giving them readily available contact options like a phone number reduces barriers and makes it easier for them to get in touch with you.

Mobile computing is making a huge impact on website design in more ways than one. Just as filling out forms may be too complicated for mobile users, so is plowing through a lot of text. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile website users, the most important page on your website becomes the one that mobile users can actually see. If they can’t see any of your pages – perhaps they take too long to load or they’re not designed to adjust for small viewing screens – visitors are not likely to stay on your website very long.

The takeaway here is that your website text has to be brief and to the point in order to be effective. If it isn’t brief, your mobile viewers will not hang around long enough to see it, so it won’t ever get the opportunity to be effective. The simplest accommodation is to reduce the amount of text and other content on your website to a mobile-friendly amount.

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