Today is a good day for your business website. In fact, your website is more important to your business today than it was yesterday. Tomorrow, your website will be more important than it was today. The reality is that your business website is the center of your marketing strategy. That’s why you need to rely on good web design, regardless of what else is in your marketing plan.

What does good web design include?

Good web design delivers more than just good looks. Good web design delivers good performance for both your business and your customers. Customers and prospective customers use the web more today than ever before. The way your website looks and feels says a lot about your business.

Credibility. In a Consumer Reports survey, four out of five consumers said that trustworthiness is a very important element of a business website. Researchers at the University of Melbourne discovered that consumers perceived beautiful websites to be more credible than ones that were equally functional but not as attractive. The Melbourne researchers also found that consumers perceived more beautiful websites to be more professional.

Value. Despite consumers’ preference for beautiful web design, simply being pretty isn’t enough to retain consumers. The Melbourne researchers found that customer retention is more closely tied to being interesting. Good navigation and speed are also major factors in retention and conversion, largely because a slow website or one that doesn’t appear to be responsive to the user’s directives loses customer interest immediately.

Sociability. Social media is also a major factor in good web design. Users view social media as a tool. Social media interaction allows users to refer your website to their friends and acquaintances in a timely way. It offers potential customers a personal connection – an introduction to your business – from a real person they know and trust. It also offers them the ability to reconnect with each other in a way that relates to your business.

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