Social media security: Is your small business at risk?Social media is an excellent way to reach out to new customers and maintain contacts with existing ones. While it is one of the best, most cost-effective small business marketing tools available today, it also poses some risks for small business. As part of your social media strategy, you should also create a social media security plan to keep your business data and customer information safe.

Social media security tips

Keeping the business social media accounts safe should be the highest priority of a social media security plan. In the wrong hands, social media accounts can create insurmountable reputation problems for a business. In addition, compromised social media accounts can be used to transmit stolen, leaked or incorrect information about the business itself, its competitors or its customers.

To promote social media security, provide social media passwords only to those employees who must have them. Require the use of strong passwords and change the account passwords regularly. To enhance your social media security, change the social media account passwords each time an employee with access to the account leaves your business.

Develop content standards for your social media posts and adhere to them strictly. By creating a standard for communication and information, you can establish the “voice” of your business. This also makes spotting fake posts or posts that don’t meet your content standards easier.

Keep separate social media accounts for business and personal use. Do not confuse your personal social media accounts with the business accounts. Doing otherwise can lead to unintended posting, and posts that do not reflect well upon your business.

Monitor your social media accounts carefully. Inspect all posts, images and links to ensure they lead only to content that will reflect well on your business. Immediately delete posts that provide incorrect information, or violate the content standards of your business.

Understand how your social media accounts interact, and set the viewing/editing privileges accordingly. By keeping a close watch on what is visible to outsiders from your social media accounts, you can avoid surprises, and limit or eliminate outdated content.

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