Social media content: Why social media is usefulSmall businesses can come up with lots of reasons not to use social media or worry about social media content. A frequently heard objection is that the customers aren’t really into social media. That’s fine, except that it’s not true. More than 70% of American adults who are online use at least one social media platform. And how many American adults are online these days? Only about 85% of them. So that means for every American 1,000 adults, 850 are online and 612 use social media. The right social media content gives businesses the opportunity to contact more than 6 out of 10 adults regularly. If you own a business, is that really an opportunity you want to pass up?

Social media content tips

Talk to all of your customers. Research conducted by DDB in 2011 revealed that nearly 85% of consumers who “liked” a company on Facebook were either current or former customers. Social media isn’t just a tool for recruiting new customers, so look at your social media content carefully and make sure it’s attractive to current and former customers, too. It could be a great way to bring back some customers you haven’t had contact with in awhile.

Your social media content doesn’t always have to be about you. Social media content doesn’t always have to be about your business, but having related content certainly helps. If a news story that affects your business or your customers is trending, by all means, talk about what your customers are talking about. Broader industry trends can make for good, interesting content, too. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer and flooding in Pakistan wipes out the cotton crop for the third year in a row, you can talk about that as a way to explain why customers are seeing more cotton blends, why the cost of cotton has increased, how cotton shortages are impacting fashions, or how it might affect their purchasing power.

Use social media to drive awareness Whether you’re trying to improve brand awareness, inform your audience or just make contact, you can use your social media content to attract your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your website. Improving the traffic flow to your website is critical in terms of search engine results. The more traffic that comes to your site, the higher your website lands in the search engine results.

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