Social Media Can Help Grow Your BusinessSocial media is just one avenue that small business owners are using to grow their businesses. According to a survey released earlier this year by American Express OPEN, about half of all small businesses (46%) use a social media platform. This is comparable to figures for 2012, when 49% of small businesses reported that they used social media in some way.

The survey uncovered a new trend in social media for business: seven of ten survey respondents reported that they use social media to attract new customers. That’s a shift from the previous fall’s survey, when only 57% used social media as a way to reach out to potential customers.
Social media offer many different options for businesses. Whether you’re looking to reach out to existing customers or attract new customers, a social media platform can help your business gain some much needed visibility.

Even if you’re new to social media, your customers probably aren’t. Nearly all consumers in the United States have access to the Internet, and about half of these customers carry smart phones. This unprecedented level of connectivity means that your business can take advantage of a very direct route to the customers you want to stay in touch with.

Whether you’re offering helpful information related to your business, delivering instant coupons or special offers, or just reaching out, social media provides a quick, unintrusive way to remind your customers about the products and services your business offers.

Best of all, unlike blast email campaigns, social media consumers opt-in to your social media platform. This means you’ll always be talking to a receptive audience of consumers who have (or want) a relationship with your business.

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Photo Credit: marcopako, via Flickr