Small Business Promotion Ideas For Your BusinessSmall business promotion takes a lot of time – unless you have a plan! Promoting your business isn’t really a discrete event – it’s something you do all the time, whenever and wherever you can. Here are a few ideas to help you promote your small business. Best of all, they’re all easy to do and won’t break your budget.

Small Business Promotion In 4 Easy Steps

Carry your business cards. In the name of small business promotion, carry your business cards wherever you go. Opportunities knock all the time, and if you’re not ready to take advantage of them, you could lose out on an important sale or contact. Carry a small stash of business cards in your wallet. Even having just one on hand can be a lifesaver! If you don’t have business cards, have a set made up for you. Hint: high-quality, professionally designed business cards are more likely to be kept by your prospects than email or business cards you’ve printed yourself.

Use your logo. If your business permits it, using logo-embroidered t-shirts or polo shirts as a small business promotion tool. If you have regular contact with the public through your business, your logo can help identify your employees when they’re hard at work. It can also help potential prospects recognize your organization. On the plus side, employees may also wear your logo after-hours, creating additional impressions along the way.

Optimize your website. Websites are a powerful small business promotion tool. They also happen to be highly preferred by potential buyers who are just looking for product and service information. Websites work 24 hours a day for your business and you have tight control over what image your website presents.

Optimize your website to make it easy for the search engines to find your business and list it in the search results. Make sure your geographic location is used on your website. Also use the words that prospective customers will search for in your website text. The goal is to get your business listed on the first page of a search engine’s results. If your business is listed on page 3 of the search results, your website isn’t likely to generate much human interest.

Use press releases. Press releases are a good small business promotion tool. When you open a new location, expand your staff, win an award or reach a milestone of any kind, issue a professionally written press release. The visibility will help you in the Internet search engines, and may also alert your local media to your presence.

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