Small business promotion: 5 tips to spread the wordSmall business promotion can be a big question for business owners who are new to the market or who are looking to expand their markets. Cost can be a big consideration in small business promotion, but here are five tips you can use to get the word about your business into the hands of your prospective customers.

Small business promotion on a shoestring

Small business promotion doesn’t have to be costly. There are a number of highly effective tools you can use that don’t cost a lot, but can deliver a big impact.
Plan! Business owners know what they want their business to become, but they rarely take the time to write out a plan to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, a goal without a plan is just a dream. To avoid derailing your goals, take the time to figure out how you’re going to achieve them. If you’re not good at business writing, you can hire someone to help you, but documenting your plan is critical. It not only helps you to think out your strategy, but it gives you something to refer back to when you’re assessing the effectiveness of your small business promotion plan.

Build a business website. Business websites are essential today. The vast majority of consumers use the web to find businesses, research products and make buying decisions, but fewer than one-third of all businesses are on the Web. Having a website gives your business a leg up on your small business promotion, and potentially opens new markets for your business that you might otherwise never reach.

Take advantage of free business listings. Some search sites – like Google, Yahoo! and Bing – offer free business listings. Take advantage of these small business promotion tools whenever you find them. The reason? Business directories often rank higher in search engines than other search results, and if your business is listed in an online directory, potential customers have a better chance of finding you immediately. This is especially true for local businesses, and it’s true whether you have your own business website or not.

Use social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other social media websites can give your small business promotion efforts a boost. If nothing else, create a Facebook page with your business and include basic details, like location, hours, a map and a phone number. As your business expands, you can do more with your social media pages, and make more connections with existing and new customers.

Think logo and brand. Logos and brands aren’t just for big businesses. They’re essential small business promotion tools. An original logo design is a priority to help customers identify your business among the crowd. Use your new logo on your business signage, stationery, business cards, bags, promotional materials and other communications that come from your business. Custom designed logos are less expensive than you think, and they’re indispensable when it comes to distinguishing your business.

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