Small business marketing: Video Is HotOne major challenge to small business marketing efforts is cost. While large businesses have large marketing and promotion budgets, small businesses often don’t have that luxury. Does that mean that small businesses can’t take advantage of video, one of the hottest trends in small business marketing? Not by a long shot.

Motion graphics video works for small business marketing!

There’s nothing complicated about it: our eyes are drawn to whatever moves. Add color and sound and you’ve got a guaranteed attention-getter. Video is about as close as you can get to a home run in marketing, so businesses of all sizes are looking to put their messages in motion. Planning, producing and editing a video, however, can be time-consuming and expensive. Most small businesses don’t have the budget to consider a professionally produced video as part of their marketing strategy.

With motion graphics video, however, your small business can take advantage of all that video has to offer in terms of promoting your business. With motion graphics video, you can put your business on the move! Whether you’re looking to animate your logo, create featured product videos, deliver impactful step-by-step demonstrations, or share customer testimonials, motion graphics video can help you deliver your small business marketing message cost-effectively.

Motion graphics video delivers the professional production quality you’re looking for while taking it easy on the budget. With motion graphics video, you have full control over what goes on the screen, and you control the budget every step of the way. The result is broadcast-quality, eye-pleasing video that elevates your business image, promotes your products and services professionally, and catches the attention of the viewers you’re trying to reach.

You can also use motion graphics video for corporate presentations, embed them in customer-directed emails, and use them on your own business website to catch the attention of current and potential new customers alike. You don’t have to spend a lot or devote a big budget to video production. You can take advantage of all that video has to offer by using motion graphics video instead.

If you would like more information about motion graphics video, and how it can fit into your small business marketing strategy, please contact our creative director, Dave Ramsell. You can also call Dave for a consultation on motion graphics video at (330) 243-0651. Grantstreet Creative has extensive experience in putting graphics in motion for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you put your small business marketing strategy in motion!

Photo Credit: tuareq, via StockXchng