Setting A Budget For Graphic Design WorkIf there’s one concern that comes up over and over with graphic design work, it’s the budget. Setting a budget for graphic design work isn’t as simple as buying something from the store, because graphic design is a creative discipline. More often than not, there is some negotiation between the designer and the buyer on design, color, text, images, etc. Sometimes a buyer just has to see something before s/he can make a decision about whether or not the entire package works. And there’s always the possibility that a specific job will morph into something outside of the original scope.

Yes, you can budget for graphic design work!

With all of these variables, is setting a budget for graphic design work even possible? Good news! It is possible to set a budget for graphic design work, and all other creative tasks, too!

The basis for your budget for graphic design work has to be communication. You must know and be up-front with your designer about how much you can (or want to) spend on a specific task. A professional graphic designer will tell you whether your budget is realistic, given the scope of the work you’re asking for, and can provide options to help you to achieve your aims. Being honest about your budget concerns also allows the graphic designer to help you avoid enlarging the scope of your project. If your vision for the work truly changes along the way, the designer can help you plan an implementation timeline that respects both your needs and the limitations of your budget.

Communication can help in other ways, too. By communicating openly with your designer about what you like and dislike in other designs, you can help the designer narrow in on a design that meets your needs and projects your desired image. This approach can reduce the number of revisions needed to complete your project, produce a better overall result and preserve your budget for graphic design work.

If your line of work requires regular interaction with a graphic designer, you may also consider a flexible arrangement called a creative retainer. A creative retainer allows you to commit to a fixed number of hours per month for graphic design work, but gives you the flexibility of adding hours when you need to. The fixed commitment allows you to stick to your budget for graphic design work, but still provides an option if you want additional design services. A creative retainer can also provide a better hourly rate, not only for the initial monthly commitment, but also for the unplanned hours you may need to add during the month.

Communication with your graphic designer is the key to setting a budget for graphic design work and sticking to it. Not only does this approach provide a way for the graphic designer to learn about what your business needs, it also allows you to learn about options the designer can offer to help manage your budget while still getting your graphic design needs met.

If you would like more information about setting a budget for graphic design work, or establishing a creative retainer, please contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation.

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