SEO relevance is important to your business

SEO relevance is important to your business

In my last post, I discussed why search engine optimization (SEO) reporting is an important information tool for your business. I didn’t address why SEO itself is important. As a marketing strategy, SEO has been around for nearly as long as search engines themselves. Early in the evolution of the Web, some people recognized what I call “the importance of being first.”

Why SEO relevance will always matter

When search engines first came into being, they parsed through the avalanche of Web information to find precisely what the searcher was looking for. The idea of “SEO relevance” was born! SEO relevance is an important concept because search engines strive to limit their results to pages and sites that are “relevant” to what the searcher wants.

SEO relevance can be good, neutral or bad for your website. It’s good if your website is relevant to the search, neutral if your website isn’t relevant to the search and bad if your website is relevant to the search but the search engine disagrees with you. How the search engine measures your “relevance” determines whether your website makes the cut, and exactly where in the pile your website lands.

Search engine companies understand the importance of SEO relevance. Your competitors also understand the importance of SEO relevance. In that case, you have at least one huge reason to understand the importance of SEO relevance: failing to understand it helps your competitors and puts your business at a serious disadvantage.

When done consistently, your website can rank significantly higher in the search engine results in a short period of time. Good SEO focuses on the concept of relevance and making sure that search engines understand exactly how your website, its pages and the elements on your pages are relevant to specific search terms.

Consistency is key, but it’s also the hardest part of SEO! That’s why many businesses that understand the importance of SEO relevance have turned this function over to an SEO professional. If you’re not in the business of maintaining websites, maintaining a business website quickly becomes one of those things that you mean to do (and you want to do), but can’t always find the time for.

Adding and updating content, keeping abreast of changes in SEO ranking algorithms and choosing keywords isn’t instantly rewarding work, but these things are all essential in building your website’s SEO relevance and building your online presence. If you would like more information about SEO relevance, or affordable SEO services for your business website, please contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation.

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