Seasonal Business Promotion: It's Never Too LateWhile spring seems to be arriving late in certain parts of the country, it’s never to late to put together a new seasonal business promotion. If your business is seasonal, or depends upon warmer weather, now is the time to put together your business promotion plans.

Effective Seasonal Business Promotion

Regardless of the season, seasonal businesses have a big economic impact. Over the 2013 holiday season, for example, Amazon hired more than 70,000 seasonal employees. Even though Amazon operates year-round, it – like many other retailers – has a definite “seasonal” component to its annual sales cycle.

It makes sense for all businesses to have a seasonal business promotion plan. Even if your business doesn’t depend heavily on the calendar, there are times of the year when you want to have your promotional house in order. Taking a seasonal approach to business promotion can help you organize your advertising and marketing plans.

If your business is a traditional seasonal business like landscaping, pool cleaning, tree trimming or roofing, now is the time to organize your seasonal business promotions for the year. Some consumers have the luxury of planning big-ticket purchases like roof or driveway replacement, so one component of your advertising strategy may be designed to appeal to them.

On the other hand, it will help to have “emergency” seasonal business promotion plans to help take advantage of unplanned sales opportunities – such as what might occur after a major storm. A roofing or tree-trimming company should have “storm damage promotions” ready to launch to maximize their ability to take advantage of insurance claims and other unplanned-but-immediately needed repairs.

Businesses such as heating-and-cooling services can also have a mix of ready-to-go promotions and planned promotions. With heating and cooling, consumers are beginning to focus on maintaining their existing systems and increasing their efficiency to save money, so maintenance and service promotions will have a natural appeal. Regular maintenance and inspection services should be the focus at the beginning of the heating/cooling season, but it never hurts to have a promotion waiting in the wings for emergency services during extraordinarily hot or cold spells, and during/after major storms.

Planning is the key to having a wide range of seasonal business promotion options, and now is the time to put those plans together. If you would like more information about seasonal business promotion strategies and options for your seasonal business, please contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation.

Photo Credit: inVZbl , via StockXchng