Sales Presentations: Supporting your sales teamIf your sales team meets with prospective customers, you may be able to support their efforts by creating customized sales presentations or updating your current sales materials. Whether your sales team uses PowerPoint presentations, printed sales materials, or a combination of both, these items are more effective when they’re customized for the audience your sales team is trying to reach.

Using Different Sales Presentations To Reach Different Audiences

Within a single sales opportunity, your sales team may come into contact with as many as a half-dozen people who have some influence on a purchase decision. These influential individuals may initiate the sales process by researching or inquiring about your products or services, they may be the product’s or service’s end-consumer, or they may occupy a decision-making, approval or purchasing role. In any case, all of these people have some impact on the sales process. Having customized sales presentations that speak to each one can positively influence the people involved in the purchase decision.

Creating customized sales presentations isn’t as complicated or expensive as it might seem. For some people in the sales process, your sales members can easily send a customized PowerPoint presentation or .pdf file that gives initial product or service information via email or postal mail. For those people more directly involved in the purchase decision, you may want to provide:

• More specific product information or detailed service plans
• Technical specifications
• Financial information to explain return-on-investment or total cost-of-ownership
• Support for the product or service as a strategic solution

By creating customized sales presentations, your sales team can deliver the precise information that each person in the decision process needs. This can help your sales team address all concerns easily and shorten the overall sales cycle.

Grantstreet Creative can help you identify the people your sales team will most likely encounter, and create meaningful, customized sales presentations and sales material to support their informational needs. Whether your sales team needs PowerPoint presentations, printed sales information sheets, brochures or other sales materials, Grantstreet Creative can help. Contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell, or call Dave at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation. Put the power of customized sales presentations in the hands of your sales team today!

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of svilen001, via StockXchng