Promotional Marketing: Why You Should Consider This StrategyIn my last post, I talked about promotional marketing as a sturdy option for budget-conscious businesses, but no matter how much (or little) you spend on this kind of small business promotion, your return on investment may surprise you months or even years down the road.

Promotional Marketing Tips

What should you invest in when it comes to promotional products? Just about anything is good, but useful products tend to be kept and used more frequently than decorative ones do. Work-oriented products tend to hang around the office, so if you’re trying to reach out to your prospect’s work colleagues, choose items like totebags, pens, desk items and technology-oriented gadgets.

If you’re looking for lots of impressions, wearable items like t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats and other similar items will help spread the word about your company. T-shirts tend to be kept and worn by recipients. In fact, the average promotional t-shirt has a life expectancy of about 5 years. Premium items like golf umbrellas also make a strong positive impression, but companies with a smaller marketing budget may choose lower-cost items over premium ones.

The more useful a promotional marketing item is, the more likely it is to be …well… used! Remember those 7 out of 10 random business travelers in the airport who could produce promotional items they’ve received in the last year? Those promotional items are carried and used largely because they make the business traveler’s life easier. USB storage sticks and USB hubs, travel kits, premium pen sets, health-oriented products like hand sanitizer, lip balm and basic first-aid kits, as well as utility items like magnifiers and flashlights are all irresistibly useful to the business traveler.

Does size matter? Not as much as you think it might. Prospective clients value the gift itself over the size of the gift, and even small promotional marketing gifts leave the recipient with a positive impression of your business. Better, they make the recipient more likely to conduct future business with you. That’s a great return for a small item, and one that few other forms of advertising can claim.

When others see your prospects carrying and using your promotional products, it not only generates new impressions, but it also gives them the opportunity to reach out to your business independently. When a new prospect indicates that they’ve come to you by way of a promotional marketing referral, don’t forget to “gift” them as well. They’re likely to talk up your business with a new group of potential referrals.

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Photo Credit: The Trade Show Stores.