Startups Can Take Advantage Of Professional Branding ServicesAccording to Forbes, more than 6.5 million new businesses enter the American marketplace each year, and research by the Kauffman Foundation shows that new-business start-ups are now at a 15-year high. The reasons for this entrepreneurial activity vary, but many people have chosen to tackle the question of steady employment by creating their own workplaces.

With 6.5 million start-ups entering the market each year, the survival of any particular venture may depend upon distinguishing itself from competitors. Traditionally, businesses have turned to branding services to make potential customers aware of their products and services, and to create a positive, memorable association for a potential customer’s future reference.
Branding services aren’t the exclusive province of well-funded ventures. Even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of branding services to help customers recognize them and their unique product offerings. Grantstreet Creative offers affordable branding packages that are tailored to meet the needs of emerging businesses.

Grantstreet Creative’s Basic Business Package includes the design of a unique logo, professionally printed business cards and the design and creation of a professional business website, including hosting and data backup services. These elements alone will deliver a complete, professional brand that will help establish your business presence.
Our Enhanced Business Package includes all elements of the Basic Business Package, as well as the design and production of a four-color, trifold professional business brochure that uses your copy and photos. Distribute this brochure at trade shows and conferences, or mail it to potential clients.

For businesses that want to take advantage of the mobile revolution, our Premiere Business Package includes a custom, business-oriented Web application with 12 months of service. Your application can also be upgraded for use on the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, and made available through the iTunes store and the Android Marketplace.

Grantstreet Creative’s branding services are designed to give your business a boost, improve your print, mobile and online visibility and create a unified, professional presentation, no matter where you conduct business. Our branding packages are highly affordable, even for the smallest businesses.

For more information about our branding services for startup businesses, please contact us at Grantstreet Creative at (330) 243-0651, email Grantstreet’s creative director Dave Ramsell or visit us on the Web at

Professional Branding Services Are For Startups Too!