Press releases: what's newsworthy for your business?In my last two posts, I’ve talked about different distribution options, for press releases, including free and paid distributions. While you have several options for getting the word out about your business, some business owners are still stuck on what makes for good press releases. Unfortunately, businesses often let good PR opportunities slip away. Here are a few thoughts on business-related events that should trigger press releases.

Good press releases can go the distance for your business

Adding new staff. Adding new staff members may be good enough reason to issue press releases. If a new staff member is a permanent employee, will have significant contact with the public, or is filling a brand new role within your organization, press releases will help you announce this kind of growth in your business. Promotions count, too. If you award promotions to existing employees, consider issuing press releases.

Hosting or sponsoring an event, team or charity. If your organization hosts or sponsors a local event, you can take advantage of the opportunity by issuing press releases. Whether you’re sponsoring a business-related event or meeting, a charity event or the local Parks and Rec softball team, press releases about your sponsorship can generate some positive impressions for your business.

Earning (or renewing) professional credentials. If your profession requires (or offers the opportunity to earn) accreditation, licensure, or certifications, announce this fact each time you or your staff earns a new credential or renews an existing one. This lets the public know that you’re interested in maintaining and improving your professional standing, and that you’re a competent and trustworthy provider.

Business-related changes. Moving? Opening a new office? Carrying a new product line? Redesigning your website? Celebrating a milestone anniversary? Issuing a new catalog? All of these events offer opportunities to interact with the public via a press release. Anytime you make business-related changes – even small ones count – consider issuing a press release.

Making public appearances. If you or a staff member will be participating in a trade show, or appearing at a local event or speaking at a conference, take a few minutes to issue a press release before the event. Issuing the release before the event allows industry publications to post or publish your release ahead of the event. The longer the lead time you provide for the release, the more likely your release is to be included in relevant publications.

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