Outsourcing your small business marketing

Outsourcing your small business marketing

Small business owners have a zillion things to do at any given time, so outsourcing your small business marketing seems like it would be a no-brainer. Except that it’s not. Most small business owners choose to do their own marketing, and more often than not, the marketing suffers. Is outsourcing your small business marketing a good idea, or is it a mistake?

3 reasons for outsourcing your small business marketing

You don’t have time. Marketing is a critical business function, but so are a dozen other things. If you’re taking care of all of the critical business functions yourself, something’s going to slip. More often than not, it’s functions like marketing. You can still open your doors without a marketing plan. You can still take in orders without a marketing strategy. You can still service customers without knowing whether your most recent advertising was effective. Letting marketing slip is tempting, and too often, small business owners are tempted. Outsourcing your marketing means that someone else is devoting their full attention to your business, which lets you devote your full attention to any one of a dozen other things.

You cut corners. You may know a lot about your core business, but what are the odds that you know a lot about all aspects of running your business? When you don’t have the resources you need (including money, time, strategy, creativity, knowledge, etc.), you cut corners. You make do. You punt. Or, you do nothing. And your marketing probably suffers. What’s worse, you may not know that because you may not be doing the kind of analysis you need to figure out just how good or bad things really are in your marketing landscape. Outsourcing your small business marketing plugs you into professionals who have the resources to market your small business is a way that’s beneficial to everyone.

You don’t know how to build your brand. Outsourcing your marketing means that you make someone else responsible for building your brand. That doesn’t mean they make the decisions or craft the strategy; it means they carry out the tasks that elevate your brand and make it visible to your target market. Marketing professionals can give you the advice you need to make good marketing decisions, and they can help you see whether (or how) your marketing decisions are paying off.

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