Mobile Website Design: Do You Need It?Mobile devices are seemingly everywhere, and the world’s nearly one billion website operators are all looking for an edge that will put them in front of interested consumers. So what’s the trick? Cisco recently reported that Internet traffic by mobile devices nearly doubled in 2013. More consumers are going mobile and responsive mobile website design is one way to stay ahead of the curve.

Why Mobile Website Design Matters

By itself, mobile website design probably isn’t good enough. What small business owners want and need is responsive mobile website design – design that “knows” what kind of mobile device a user is holding, and how best to display the website contents for that particular device. Truly responsive mobile website design is ideal because mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. What looks good (or even “right”) on an iPad might look horrible on a Samsung Galaxy.

Being able to deliver the right information to the end user in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate way is more than important. Having a mobile website design that responds to the user’s needs could mean the difference between making and missing a sale.

Responsive mobile website design is exceptionally important for small businesses, especially as mobile devices proliferate and consumers tend to turn to them as their preferred Internet access device. If your website was designed even as little as two years ago, your website may not be responsive to mobile devices. That could be a problem for you as mobile users learn to avoid your website. That’s not exactly what most business owners are going for!

Responsive mobile website design doesn’t take anything away from traditional desktop users. Instead, it delivers website information to mobile users in a way that their devices can easily display and navigate. It’s safe to say that if you haven’t updated your website recently, the next big evolution of your business website should be responsive mobile website design.

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