Mastering Small Business Marketing ChallengesIn my last two posts, I’ve discussed small business marketing strategy and the importance of being diverse, in terms of choosing multiple marketing channels, choosing the most effective channels for your particular business and budget, and targeting multiple audiences with a coherent small business marketing message. In this post, I will discuss some of the changes small business owners face, and what you’ll need to think about as you develop your small business marketing strategy.

Small business marketing and the impact of the Internet

For those who tell you that the Internet has opened up the competitive playing field to small businesses, they’re only telling you half of the story. While it’s true that the Internet can open up new markets and put you in direct contact with new customers, it’s also true that newly opened markets and increased opportunities compound the task of developing a viable small business marketing strategy.

The Omobono/Business Marketing Association study of 2013 showed that small business marketing is undergoing a revolution. Business owners have access to more marketing channels than ever before. By itself, that leads to new small business marketing challenges. In theory, more options means more opportunities, but typically, an increased number of marketing options doesn’t change the marketing budget. It just makes choosing where and how you spend your small business marketing dollars more important than ever.

The Omobono study also indicated that business owners are having more difficulty keeping up with small business marketing developments. The more marketing options that are available, the more a business owner needs to consider, and the longer it takes to arrive at a decision. This phenomenon could work in your favor. Or not. Making the most of a small business marketing opportunity is sometimes all about the timing.

The study also shows that small business owners recognize that they’re having difficulty keeping up with technological advances and how they apply to small business marketing. Technology as it applies to marketing isn’t something to ignore because it can reduce costs, increase impact and deliver better results for your small business marketing dollars. Leveraging newer marketing technologies like social media can support both short-term and long-term small business marketing goals.

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