Marketing and Promotion On A Small BudgetMy last post covered outsourcing as a strategy to reduce administrative costs for a small business, and improve the reliability of the service. Outsourcing can save both time and money, and enable small business owners to concentrate on running their business. Marketing and promotion are two other prime candidates for outsourcing. For small businesses and new businesses, marketing and promotion are critical activities, but small business owners often don’t have time to promote their operations. Outsourcing marketing activities can help ensure that you manage these critical business functions efficiently.

Outsourcing Marketing and Promotion

What benefits can you expect from outsourcing your marketing and promotions? Studies have demonstrated over and over that consistent effort is one of the keys to successful marketing. By outsourcing your marketing activities, you can reap one of the primary benefits of marketing – consumer recognition. Marketing and promotion are also highly effective for new businesses in terms of increasing awareness of the business and its products or services.

Through outsourcing your marketing and promotion activities, you can ensure that you have a marketing and promotion plan for your business, and that your plan is being followed, even when your attention is directed elsewhere. Your marketing and promotion service provider can also develop metrics to determine how effective your marketing and promotion plan is, and what – if any – changes should be made.

In addition, by outsourcing your marketing and promotion activities, you can experiment with new ideas and techniques to help draw new customers to your business, and retain existing customers. Using an outsourced marketing provider puts resources and experience to work for you, and eliminates (or delays) the need to hire a staff person to manage your marketing and promotion efforts.

By outsourcing your marketing and promotions activities, you can also get better control of the budget. Service providers generally try to stay within the established budget, because they run the serious risk of not being paid when they overspend on unauthorized or unplanned activities. When you have control of the budget, you ensure that whatever funds you’ve set aside effectively promote your business according to the plan you initially established.

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