Logo Design: What Makes A Design Unique?Last year, LogoLounge examined more than recent 20,000 logo designs to determine emerging logo design trends. Knowing the latest trends in logo design can be helpful, largely because you want to avoid them! Logo designs are special; they are a visual representation of your company. They can help customers identify your business among dozens or hundreds of competitors that claim to offer the same products and services. It’s critical, therefore, to use a logo that is unique, memorable and represents your business professionally.

Avoid Common Logo Design Mistakes

Here are a few design elements to consider for your logo. Working with an experienced graphic designer can help ensure that your logo truly leaves the best impressions upon your customers.

Work with a professional designer. Believe it or not, there’s a lot that goes into designing a logo! Size, readability, recognizability, color and shape all work together to transmit information. With logo design, you may only have one opportunity to catch a customer’s attention, so you want to make sure that the impression you leave is a positive one. Working with a professional designer can help you capture the essence of your business simply and beautifully.

Simplicity works. In an effort to transmit information about your business via your logo, simplicity can sometimes get sacrificed. The best, most memorable designs are simple. In fact, their simplicity is probably what makes them so memorable. Having a busy, unfocused, or complex design can actually make your logo harder to recognize. It can also cause problems when you want to reproduce the design in different media. The simpler your design is, the more memorable it will be, and after all, recognition and identification are what you’re really after, right?

Avoid stock designs. Graphic designers use stock photos and stock art in a lot of different ways, but your logo is one place where stock has no place. Everything about your logo should be as unique as possible. Borrowing design elements, including stock designs, shapes, colors or fonts that are closely associated with other logos, can actually reduce your recognizability and might possibly lead you to run afoul of trademark law. Every element of your logo should be well-thought out, deliberate and entirely unique.

Logo design doesn’t have to be expensive, but your business benefits from it only when your logo enhances your professional image. If you would like more information about logo design, or are looking for highly affordable marketing and logo design services, please contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation.

Photo Credit: ywel, via StockXchang