GSC050713-1If you’ve never heard of infographics before, you wouldn’t be alone. An infographic is a clever way to transmit a lot of sales and market information to a viewer quickly. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an infographic can be downright indispensible in today’s mobile culture, where audiences place a premium on creative marketing approaches.

An infographic combines the best elements of verbal and non-verbal communications to create an informative, easy-to-digest graphic. Photographs are not often used in infographics, except perhaps as an element of the overall design. Instead, graphs, graphics, charts, colors, fonts and small amounts of text are combined to create a level of information density that cleverly avoids information overload.

Infographics work well because they’re designed to capture and hold the viewer’s attention. Viewers will naturally read text you place in front of them, but too much text can be a turnoff. Infographics provide interesting visuals that hold the viewer’s attention long enough for them to read all of the text associated with the graphic.

Creating a highly effective infographic requires the assistance of a designer that knows your business, your message and your audience. Grantstreet Creative will work with you to understand all of the most important elements of your business, and craft an unmistakable message to the viewers you want most to reach.

Infographics work well as supplemental information on your business website, and can be integrated into your website design. Other creative marketing uses for infographics include printed brochures, web advertisements, mailers and targeted email advertising or print advertising.

Infographics are an alternative to traditional image-based advertising, but stock photos often don’t support your message and hold your reader’s attention they way an infographic can and does. If you’re considering a new advertising campaign for your business, Grantstreet Creative will be happy to explain the benefits of using infographics in today’s mobile marketplace.

We’ll work with you to refine and shape your message, then create a visually appealing, high-efficiency infographic that transmits your sales and marketing information directly to your target customers. Our infographic designs can complement your existing advertising presence, or we can create an entirely fresh presentation. Contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell by email or at (330) 243-0651 for more information or to request a consultation.