Google Ad Campaign: Is Now The Right Time?Last week, Google announced a new twist to its time-honored “Google ad campaign.” The twist might be just too tempting for local advertisers to pass up. Google has just introduced its new Customer Match service for advertisers, and the results could be astounding.

Your Google Ad Campaign Just Got A Boost

Customer Match allows advertisers to submit a list of their customer email addresses to Google, which in turn, matches those email addresses to Google’s own user data. The result? When John Doe searches for “pizza,” an ad for the local pizzeria (which uses Customer Match as part of its Google Ad Campaign) will show up alongside the search results. If John Doe searches YouTube for videos on how to make a pizza, the local pizzeria’s ad will show up there, too. If JD visits his Gmail account, he’ll also see the local pizzeria’s Google ad campaign.

Google generates about 90% of its revenue from advertising, so it makes sense to use Google’s huge data store to generate more cash for the company. The idea of tailoring ads to a narrow audience isn’t new. Facebook offers Custom Audiences and Twitter offers Tailored Audiences, which provide similar relevant-ad displays.

The Customer Match service allows businesses to make sure their ads appear in front of customers with whom they already have a business relationship. Looking for a new car? Your existing dealer wants to make sure you consider a return visit. Shopping around for new insurance? Your agent wants to have a crack at keeping your business. Need a loan? Your existing bank may be able to help. With Customer Match, your Google ad campaign may not only help you get new customers, but retain your existing ones as well.

Regardless of the size of your business, if you collect the email addresses of your existing customers, you can leverage your data by combining it with Google’s in the form of a Google ad campaign. In marketing, you need to do more than attract new customers; you also need to retain your existing customer base. If targeted search engine advertising helps you do that, the money you spend on a Google ad campaign will be money well spent.

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