Why experience makes the difference in web design

Chances are good that you spend time on the Internet without spending much time thinking about the Internet. Here are a few interesting facts to think about. They underscore the reason you want to work with an experienced web design firm.

• Today, more than 40% of the world’s population has regular access to the Internet.
• The Internet is responsible for more than $2 trillion dollars in annual retail sales.
• The number of active websites has nearly doubled in 5 years and now exceeds 1 billion sites.
• Direct human activity accounts for less than half of the traffic carried on the Internet today.
• The Internet will carry more traffic in 2017 alone than it has in all previous years combined.

Experience good web design

The Internet is indeed a fascinating place. It’s huge and grows larger by the moment. Being able to stand out is exceptionally important. That’s why you want to work with an experienced web design firm.

What do you get from an experienced web design firm?

Good visual design. To be effective, a good web design must be more than just a pretty face. It must tell the story of your business in just a few seconds. An experienced web designer knows that it takes much more than appearance to catch and hold the attention of a web visitor.

Good technical design. Good visual design attracts a visitor, but good technical web design holds their attention. It makes discoveries about website visitors, helps them navigate the website, responds to the visitor’s needs and delivers a high-quality experience. The best visual design experience can’t overcome a bad technical design. Experienced web designers know how to employ technical design to the visitor’s advantage. It not only makes things better for each visitor, but also improves site rankings in search engines – a critical component to driving more traffic to your website.

Impartiality. An experienced web designer is impartial. They set aside the emotions that sometimes interfere with good decision-making. By looking at your business and website dispassionately, an experienced web designer can deliver solutions that meet the needs of your business and its customers. That’s good news for a business owner. You can rely on the advice and experience of someone who’s seen it, done it, knows what’s going to happen and knows how to make things better right away.

Collaboration. An experienced web designer is a great collaboration partner. They understand your business goals because chances are that they have a business, too! An experienced web designer can help you with more than your website. They can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that extends your web presence to include social media, print materials, logo designs, promotional products and more. The experienced web designer sees the big picture for your business.

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Photo Credit: Chris and Karen Highland , via FreeImages.com