Energize Your Company NewsletterIn my last post, I talked about company newsletters and the benefits your company could reap. In this post, I will provide tips to help you and your customers get the most from your company newsletter.

Good company newsletter content is King!
Company newsletters are received best when they’re written from the perspective of the customer. Unless they’re also a company shareholder, a customer would be much more interested in a report about new product development than they would be in the company’s annual meeting. Remembering what’s important to the customer is one key way to ensure that your customers continue to subscribe to your newsletter!

Shorter newsletters are better
Email newsletters pose a particular challenge for readers. Keeping your text short and providing links to the company website for more information are two good ways to catch a reader’s interest and drive traffic to your website at the same time. If you have a lot of content, you can produce short newsletters more often, rather than producing longer, less-frequent company newsletters.

Newsletters should have visual appeal
Whether you choose to go the email route or design a print version of your company newsletter, make sure your newsletter is visually appealing. Including photos, graphics, logos and other eye-catchers will help keep your reader engaged. Don’t go font-crazy, though. That’s a turn-off to most serious readers.

Listen to your customers
Provide a feedback mechanism for your readers that includes basic contact information. Also let them unsubscribe from your company newsletter automatically instead of requiring them to make a phone call or send an email message. Making it harder to unsubscribe from your newsletter may keep your subscription rates higher, but it also guarantees that your intended reader will create a spam filter with your name on it!

Provide case studies
Your customers may be engaged by learning how other customers have used your products or services to solve problems. By providing links in your company newsletter to case studies on your website, you can help your customers learn about products, services and solutions you offer, and novel ways in which your business is helping other customers achieve their goals. You can also use it as an opportunity to showcase your products and services, and introduce staff members your customers may want to know!

Let us help with your company newsletter!
Whether you’re looking for print communications or email communications, Grantstreet Creative can help you maintain contact with your existing customers and help attract new ones. From designing attractive templates to creating content and producing your newsletters, Grantstreet Creative is ready to lend a hand. Email our creative director, Dave Ramsell, or give him a call at (330) 243-0651 for more information about our company newsletter services!