E-commerce Website DesignThe research data show that small businesses can do big things with their business websites. One key element of a highly functional business website is e-commerce. If your business provides product information, but you don’t have a shopping cart, you could be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in sales every year! Solid e-commerce website design can enable your website to work 24 hours a day and open new markets for your products and services.

What’s involved in e-commerce website design?

A fully functional e-commerce website design provides your customer with an exceptional online shopping experience. From full-color photographs and precise product descriptions to a smooth ordering process to secure payment processing, e-commerce website design can really help your customers find the products they’re looking for and make purchases in a matter of minutes.

Navigation is an important element of e-commerce website design. Good design allows customers to move around the site easily, find what they’re looking for by following on-page navigation links, search for products using a search function and find comparable products that may also be available.

Customers also want to know whether a product is on sale, in stock, or available in other colors. Reference materials – like size charts, product photos from multiple angles, product specifications and other details are also helpful! Good e-commerce website design will provide your customers with this kind of experience.

Customers want to be able to review and edit their shopping carts at any time during the shopping process, so making sure they can see what they’ve selected, edit quantities, colors and sizes easily is very important, and will differentiate your e-commerce website design from those of your competitors.
Consumers factor in shipping costs when they’re considering purchases. If you have special shipping costs, or you’re offering free or discounted shipping, be sure to let your customers know that!

E-commerce website design also provides an excellent checkout experience. Customers expect to be able to use a wide range of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Some businesses may also find it advantageous to accept electronic checks or alternate secure payment types like PayPal.

Regardless of what kind of business you have, Grantstreet Creative can help you establish and maintain an exceptional e-commerce website design. You’ll be surprised by how affordable and effective an e-commerce website can be! We can also help you with domain registration and website hosting, if you don’t currently have a website or want to host your e-commerce website separately.

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Photo Credit: Svilen Milev, via StockXchng