Do promotional products pull their weight?One way to liven up your marketing strategy in 2014 is through the use of promotional products. You’re familiar with promotional products because you’ve received them from all kinds of businesses. You’ve used them. You’ve stashed them in your desk drawer, perched them on your desk, and attached them to your wall or your refrigerator. You’ve tossed them into the back seat of your car. You may even have worn them, carried them, or passed them along to someone else.

Promotional products are highly effective

Promotional products are those “giveaways” that businesses use to promote themselves. From pens and pencils to calendars, tote-bags and t-shirts, promotional products work hard to keep a business name in front of its current and prospective customers. They’re also highly cost effective, and have been shown to produce better sales rates for the businesses that use them. Another advantage: they tend NOT to be thrown away.

Promotional products don’t have to be expensive, and when you compare their effectiveness to that of more traditional advertising media, promotional products come out well ahead in terms of cost-per-impression as well as documentable results.

The new year is an excellent time to consider ways to incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy. Take, for example, a 2014 wall calendar. A current or prospective client is likely to use that item or pass it to someone else in the office. The calendar will work 12 months of the year, and could potentially make hundreds or even thousands of impressions in a 12-month period.

A tote bag may seem like an expensive item, until you consider that promotional totes are among the most used, most carried promotional items on the market today. The tote bag recipient may carry your advertising into his or her office, where other decision-makers see it. Your tote bag may slip into meetings both internal and external, where it makes still more valuable impressions. Your tote bag can even be a conversation starter among decision-makers who inquire about your products and services. What is that kind of exposure worth to you?

Grantstreet Creative and its partner business, the Tradeshow Stores, can help design and create exceptional promotional products that your business can really use, and your customers –both current and potential – will appreciate. For more information about how your business can use promotional products as part of your 2014 marketing strategy, please contact our Creative Director, Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651 to set up a consultation.

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