Digital marketing and how you can use itAs a concept, digital marketing first came about nearly 25 years ago, as business owners began to realize the potential of electronic media. Since that time, billions of electronic devices have proliferated in the marketplace, and consumers have shown a willingness to accept new media platforms and communications.

Digital marketing takes many forms

Having a digital marketing plan today is as common as having a traditional marketing plan, and many businesses build a digital marketing component into their overall marketing plan. Digital marketing is flexible, cost-effective and can target consumer market segments easily. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of outreach, including electronic advertising, e-mail, web design, social media marketing and mobile marketing. It also takes advantage of multiple platforms that consumers may encounter, from digital roadside billboards to consumers’ personal smartphones, tablets and computers.

Incorporating digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy helps in several ways. First, you can segment your marketing budget to target specific audiences. Email may be highly effective for some consumers, but mobile marketing and web outreach may enable you to make contact with emerging segments of your market. Further, mobile marketing may also help you retain consumers as they make the transition from traditional to mobile computing platforms.

Second, digital marketing is cost-effective. Digital advertising provides a large number of impressions at a relatively low cost, while preserving your ability to create the print pieces your customers may already expect and appreciate.
Digital marketing enables you to open new markets. Some consumers prefer to connect to product and service providers exclusively through mobile devices and personal computing platforms. By incorporating social media and mobile website design into your digital marketing plan, you may be able to more effectively reach out to a market segment that you may not have otherwise contacted.

Digital marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy. If you’ve never incorporated digital marketing, or you’re new to using a multi-platform digital marketing approach, Grantstreet Creative can help you identify your digital marketing goals and develop digital marketing strategies that connect you effectively with your target audiences. Whether you’re looking to develop a mobile-friendly website, a new social media outreach campaign or incorporate digital advertising into your plans for the coming year, Grantstreet Creative can help.

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