Digital Marketing: Blog to reach your customersDigital marketing has a lot to offer a business. Besides being cost-effective, you can directly target interested audiences and make your business stand out online. Here is one quick way to jumpstart your digital marketing strategy: blogging.

Digital marketing and its role in your marketing strategy

If you haven’t given much thought to digital marketing, you could be missing an important opportunity to reach out to your current and potential customers. Blogging is one easy way to establish yourself, the personality of your business, and drive customers to your website.

As digital marketing efforts go, blogging is one of the most common tactics, and for good reason. Five out of six marketers believe that blogs are at least somewhat effective in driving new and returning visitors to a website, and at least one of three marketers considers blogging to be a very effective digital marketing tool.

Blogging outpaces every other digital marketing strategy, including video sharing, social media, presentations, photo sharing and social bookmarking. And that alone is good enough reason to consider adding a blog to your digital marketing strategy.

Good blogging is more than just journaling. There is some strategy involved in building a blogging audience, and making your blog content valuable. First, decide what you want your blog to do. If you’re simply reaching out and communicating to an audience, your strategy and content will be different than it would be if your blog is supposed to be generating sales leads.

Far and away, the biggest challenge to blogging is consistency. If you can generate content consistently, your blog will drive traffic to your website. If your content isn’t consistent, readership will flag quickly. One way to keep your blog content consistent is to develop a planning calendar. If you can maintain the calendar, getting content onto the blog in a timely way becomes much easier. Having a calendar is essential if you have multiple writers on your blog. Knowing who is responsible for content, and having a process to create, check and publish it is critical.

As part of your digital marketing strategy, you should also develop metrics to help you determine how well your blog is meeting its goals. Many blogs have built-in tools to help you see how much traffic the blog is generating, where the visitors are coming from, and how many times individual posts are being viewed. Depending upon the purpose of your blog, you may also want to develop ways to track lead generation and conversion rates.

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