Business Blogging: Good Writing Is Good For Your Business!Part 1 of this post reviewed two really good reasons to have a business website that includes a blog. First, consumers love the Internet as a primary source of information about businesses, but 3 out of 4 businesses don’t take advantage of the Web! Second, the content of a business website is the primary way in which search engines identify, categorize and rank businesses when generating search results. Business blogging can give your website content a lift!

Search engines are very complex algorithms that determine which results are the most relevant to a user’s search request. Content becomes a critical element of any business website. Good writing is the basis of good website content, and a good web content writer can help a business emerge at the top of search engine results. Search engines also prefer content that is dynaamic. Changing content is the sign of an active website.

The exact way in which a search engine makes a decision about the relevance of a particular website is a closely guarded secret. Businesses try to optimize their content to catch the attention of a search engine, and search engines continually tweak and refine their algorithms to tune into what the searcher is really looking for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is big business! It’s hard to estimate the monetary value of the #1 spot in a Google search result, but many businesses believe it’s the difference between success and failure. Numerous studies have shown that more than 90% of all Internet searchers stick to the first page of search engine results. If your business happens to fall onto Page 2 of a search engine result, only the most determined searchers will even see it!

Search engines rely heavily on a website’s content to determine how well the site relates to the searcher’s query. Search engines can almost naturally “see” and “understand” the text-based content of a website, but they can’t do the same with the pictures, videos, graphics and other elements that make a website visually interesting and valuable to human beings. At least not without a lot of help! Text, therefore, is critical to helping the search engine understand what’s on the site, and good text beats bad text, or even so-so text any day of the week! Business blogging provides the opportunity to introduce dynamic content to your website, which the search engines love.

Webpage text is generally concise and describes the business, its products and services. Good text will not only help the search engine understand what’s on the page, but also is written from the perspective of the searcher, and will help both prospective and existing customers find what they’re looking for. Most website content doesn’t change significantly, but business blogging can give your website a dynamic edge.

Business blogging provides a wide-open opportunity to reach out to customers in a way that other web content may not. Business blogging is often informal and gives readers a chance to connect to the business and provide “on-demand” resources. It is also an excellent feedback mechanism for customers.

Business blogging enables the business website to add relevant content easily, and promotes the business in search engine rankings, by encouraging the search engines to examine the site regularly and take note of the content additions.

If you’re interested in looking at options for website design for your business, or you’re considering the addition of a blog to your business website, contact our creative director, Dave Ramsell for a consultation. Grantstreet Creative can provide both affordable website design and blogging services for your business!

Photo Credit: Billy Alexander, via Stock XChng