5 Tips For Effective Business BloggingIf you’re considering business blogging, or you’re looking for ways to perk up your existing business blog, here are a few things to consider. Business blogging is a great way to draw potential customers to your website, and ultimately to your business, but how do you get people interested in your blog?

Business blogging tips

Write effective headlines. Sometimes, the only part of your blog a potential reader sees is the headline, so creating catchy headlines is more than important in business blogging. The headline has to set the reader’s expectations in just a few words. At the same time, the content of your blog has to offer the reader something of value. If the headline accurately describes the content, you’re likely to attract new readers who are interested in your content.

The content has to add value. Useful content is what the readers are really looking for, and the quickest way to build a loyal business blogging readership is to offer valuable content. Readers tend to look for blog sites that offer the best value for their time, so offering short tips, techniques and resources help your readers make the most of their time and your content.

Consistency helps. Consistent input into your blog helps the search engines find your content, and the search engines help readers find your blog. Being consistent about business blogging is essential. Consistency isn’t just measured in terms of posting frequency, although that’s part of it. Post regularly. Regular posting is important, but the consistency of the content is what drives your readership. If you can’t commit to posting consistently good content, hire someone who can generate the content that will hold your readers’ interest.

Use keywords. Keywords are terms that a potential reader would use to find your post using a search engine. Each post should have a keyword, and the keyword should appear strategically in your headline, your opening paragraph and your meta description (see below). Your keyword, which can vary by post, should also appear in your content as many times as you can fit it in naturally, within reason. If you use it too often in your text however, search engines will penalize your business blogging efforts for “keyword stuffing.”

Use meta descriptions effectively Meta descriptions appear in search engine results, alongside the links to sites. When it comes to business blogging, you can create your own meta descriptions or by default, the search engine can use the first few characters of each blog posting. The first few hundred characters of your blog post rarely serve as an effective description of the content, so whenever possible, write a separate meta description for each post. Most blogging platforms have a tool (either built-in or an add-on) that allows you to write your own meta descriptions. Be sure that your keywords appear in your meta descriptions at least once.

If you would like more information about business blogging, or would like to set up a blog on your website but you’re not sure you can generate regular content, contact Dave Ramsell, Creative Director at Grantstreet Creative. You can also reach Dave by phone at (330) 243-0651. Grantstreet Creative can help you establish a business blog and generate regular content that I designed to attract visitors to your blog.

Photo Credit: Ramasamy Chidambaram, via StockXchng