5 Things That Make Your Website IneffectiveGoogle can help you find thousands of ways to make your website work, but many website owners don’t take advantage of this good, simple advice. Just as there are ways to make your website more attractive, you can also do things to reduce traffic and make your website ineffective. Unless chasing customers away is your goal, here are five things to steer clear of on your website.

These 5 things can render your website ineffective

The wrong content. The content on your website is exceptionally important, both to your potential customers and to the search engines. Having the right content means that customers can determine quickly whether you can meet their needs. The right content features brand names, specific services, specific locations and information that the customer is looking for. Good content meets the customers’ needs first. If it’s all about you, your content isn’t helping you as much as it could be, and it’s making your website ineffective.

Difficult navigation. Customers love nothing more than a good, easy-to-use website. When it comes to navigation, go the extra mile so your visitors don’t have to. When you go into a store, you like to have signs and directions to help you find what you’re looking for immediately. Even if you’ve never been in a particular store before, it should be laid out to guide you intuitively to where you want to be. Website navigation is the same way. Making visitors back up, hunt for things or figure out your terminology is a good way to make your website ineffective and lose customers at the same time.

The wrong photos or graphics. Good photos and graphics are critical on a website. Customers don’t get a chance to pick up a product and examine it or talk to a sales person, so the more you can show them about the product or service, the better their experience will be. Excellent photos and graphics can help meet this need to know more about a product before a customer commits to buying. Poorly lit, low-resolution or out-of-focus images simply won’t sell your products or services, will render your website ineffective, and say something about the experience your customer can expect.

Skipping the “About” page. Customers like to know who they’re dealing with and how long you’ve been in business. They like to know where your business is, what your hours are, who your staff is, and how they can contact you. Having an “About Us” page that gives them the basics of your business can help make a customer comfortable enough to make a purchase from you. Don’t skip the About Us page! This is the most opportune place to make a good first impression.

Hiding your expertise. Content that doesn’t highlight your expertise doesn’t help. Make sure your content builds your brand and positions you as an experienced retailer, producer, consultant, service provider – or whatever you do. Just like your “About Us” page, your content should make the customer comfortable and support their decision to do business with you. Helpful information, graphics, how-to videos, blogs and other content can establish you as a trusted voice in your industry.

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Photo Credit: Ayla87, via FreeImages.com