5 Good Reasons To Update Your Website DesignStatic websites – the sites where information doesn’t ever change – generally aren’t helpful to a visitor more than once or twice, so fresh, adding new content is critical. Content aside, there is also the issue of website design. How often should you update your website design? I’m not talking about the content on your site, but the look, feel and operation of your website.

When To Update Your Website Design

Results. The biggest and best reason to update your website design is to get better results than you’re getting with your current website design. This is such a big thing because this makes a lot of assumptions. First, it assumes that you know your website’s clear, unambiguous purpose. Second, it assumes that you can measure your website results. Third, it assumes that you are measuring the results of your current website design. Finally, it assumes that you know what results you want. If you don’t know these four things about your website, it’s hard to fault your current website design for anything. If anything, it means that you should spend time thinking about what you want before you update your website design.

Repairs. If the door to your shop is broken, no one has to tell you to fix it. Likewise, if your website is broken, fix it! Websites “break” for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, the browsers and servers that make the Web operate change, and your website needs to change along with it. Minor changes may require minor efforts to keep up, but major technology changes require you to update your website design.

Efficiency. Advances in content management mean that you can make changes to your website efficiently and quickly. If your current website management strategy is time consuming or resource-intensive, it’s time to update your website design. Likewise, if you can add functions to your website that clearly benefit your customer, and reflect what they want from your business, update your website design!

Changes. Whether you fear change or embrace it, change happens to every business and every industry. Change that affects your business is a good reason to update your website design. If those changes make your past irrelevant, if they indicate moves in a new direction, if you outgrow your website, or your website no longer reflects what you do today, update your website design!

Security. “Important” isn’t a big enough word to describe website security today. The loss of even seemingly innocuous data about your customers can kill your business. If you weren’t thinking about website security when you designed your current website, think about it now, and update your website design.

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Photo Credit: valike, via FreeImages.com