3 ways to give your graphic designer a handFor some people, expressing themselves through design is easy. They can “see” what they want long before they translate their vision into reality. For others, no amount of imagination can help them “see” what’s not actually in front of them. The design process is and always will be something of a mystery. If you’re one of these folks, communicating design needs might feel like speaking a different language without actually knowing the words. Even so, you can still help your graphic designer create rich, meaningful designs. Here are three things you can to do maximize the time you spend with a graphic designer.

Communicate your goals to your graphic designer

You may not be able to tell the graphic designer what your final design should look like, but you can talk about the feelings and impressions you want the design to evoke. Confidence, experience trust, warmth and family are all common themes. Perhaps you simply want to catch your customers’ attention. By talking with your graphic designer about what you want your customer to take away from a design, you can help your designer find the right visuals, colors, shapes and fonts to form the final design. If you haven’t spent time thinking about what you want your design to say, take a few minutes to think about it before you meet with the graphic designer. The more information you can give the designer, the better the designer’s results will be.

Let your graphic designer know what you don’t want, too

If there’s anything you specifically want to avoid in a design – whether it’s a color, or words, or a former logo, or even a resemblance to a competitor’s designs – let your graphic designer know. This is especially important when you’re rebranding a product or service, or trying to change the consumer’s impression of your business. Letting the graphic designer know what you don’t want in your design saves everyone’s time and gets you to a happier result faster.

Communicate during the design process

It’s important to provide your graphic designer with quick, honest feedback on design proposals and modifications. Not providing good, clear communication while the design process is underway introduces unnecessary delays and can prevent you from reaching your ultimate design goals. On the other hand, timely communication helps to keep the design process on track, and makes the best use of both your time and the graphic designer’s time.

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Photo Credit: Cieleke, via StockXchng