These 3 Tips Will Improve Your Email Newsletter

These 3 Tips Will Improve Your Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a mixed bag. Some of them are solid gold. Others… not so much. How can you be sure that your email newsletter is getting high marks from your readers? Taking the time to make your newsletter welcome can pay big dividends for your marketing program. Try these three tips to get better results from your email newsletter.

Make your email newsletter welcome

You can be sure that your customers want your email newsletters (especially if you go the opt-in route), but they have some really specific needs. Reliable information, above all else, is key. And newsletters that put the customer first are the ones that get read without fail. So what should you do to make sure your newsletter gets opened and read?

Focus. Focus. Focus. Email newsletters can get unfocused quickly, which can make them hard to follow, and decrease their value. Choose one topic per issue and nail it. Your readers will appreciate the ease of managing just one slice of pie. To make sure that you meet all of your marketing goals, develop a schedule for your newsletter, changing topics for each issue. Having a calendar will ensure that all of your departments, divisions or products get covered, and it will allow you to create timely promotions that complement events in your industry.

Educate more, promote less. Email newsletters are marketing tools, no doubt. But just like you don’t need a sledgehammer to put up a picture frame, you don’t need to include the “hard sell” in your newsletter. Promotion is one component of your marketing plan, but it’s not the only tool in the toolbox. Education is deeply appreciated by your customers, so use the newsletter as an opportunity to educate your customers. Effective education is the best kind of promotion!

Reduce your copy. Sometimes, the least amount of copy is the most effective. As more users move to mobile devices, they give up the ability to handle large volumes of copy. Cut your readers a break and keep your copy brief and engaging.

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