3 tips for finding a graphic design professionalFinding a graphic design professional doesn’t have to be difficult, but many business owners haven’t yet taken steps to create a positive, professional public impression of their business. Business owners have many reasons for not working with a graphic design professional. Some people may assume that the cost of professional graphic design work is prohibitive for a small business, or they wonder how they will recapture the return on their investment. Others think that they’ll have difficulty finding a designer who’s willing to take on a “small job.”

Graphic design interviews: what to look for

Professional graphic design doesn’t have to be expensive and can produce immediate returns on investment, even for the smallest (or newest) of businesses. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a graphic design professional.

Take time to explain your business to the designer. A designer’s best work is the product of a good understanding of what your business does, the market it appeals to and the special value you bring to your customers. Taking the time to talk with the designer allows the designer to understand what his or her designs must convey to your customers.

When you look at the designer’s portfolio, ask yourself what each graphic design conveys to you. Then ask the designer what he or she can tell you about the companies featured in his or her portfolio pieces. If there’s a significant disconnect between what the design tells you and what the designer tells you about the subject of the piece, you may want consider other designers.

Ask about the designer’s process.. Ask the designer to explain his or her intake and graphic design process to you. Ask about client communication, and how the designer will communicate with you. Ask about how the designer prefers to be contacted when you want to discuss your account. Above all else, you need to know what you can expect from the graphic design process. If the designer seems vague, or doesn’t seem to have an organized process or system, you may find that communicating with the designer is difficult. Look for someone with a clear, organized system for taking in work and communicating with the client.

Who’s talking? During the initial consultation, is the designer taking notes and listening to what you have to say, or is he (or she) doing most of the talking? If you (the client) are doing most of the talking, that’s positive. It means that the designer is listening to what you have to say, and is focusing on your needs.

On the other hand, if the designer is doing most of the talking, he or she is more self-focused, and that could be a problem for you, in terms of both overall communication and the resulting graphic design work. If the designer isn’t focused on you and the needs of your business, you may never be happy with the work he or she produces.

Sometimes, you may not be able to articulate your needs immediately, and that’s fine. A good graphic design professional will ask questions that help you define exactly what it is you’re looking for.
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