3 things to know about mobile application developmentIf your small business is ready to join the mobile revolution, there are few better ways to “go mobile” than by having your own free mobile app. But developing a mobile application can take thousands of dollars and a lot of time, right? Well, not exactly. But mobile application development is not always a straightforward process, either! Your choice of mobile application developer can be the difference between spending and not spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each year to support your “free” mobile application.

“Free” mobile application development isn’t always free

Mobile device platforms are evolving rapidly, and the top mobile platforms today are iOS and Android. Microsoft’s mobile Windows platform is up-and-coming, though, and the mobile OS landscape could look very different in just 12 months’ time. If none of this means much to you, what should you consider when it comes to developing your business’ mobile application?

Simplicity rules. If you want your mobile application to be available to as many people as possible, there’s nothing simpler than bypassing the mobile platform question altogether. With mobile application development that uses HTML5, your application can be available to any mobile user with an HTML5-savvy browser. An HTML5 app will provide your users with basic yet highly functional access to your mobile website and your business without the added expense of customizing your app for each mobile platform. Any user with a mobile browser can use your application, regardless of their mobile device platform.

The developer matters. Some developers charge one fee for mobile application development, and a separate monthly maintenance fee for supporting it. The best approach for small business owners is to avoid the hidden costs of mobile application development by choosing someone who will provide your app on a fee-for-service basis. Otherwise, you could find yourself working with a developer/distributor that places limits on the number of times your app can be downloaded or the number of users who can use your app. If your goal is to put your application into as many users’ hands as possible, it pays to avoid ongoing monthly fees.

Control your content. Some “free” applications are nothing more than mini-mobile advertising servers. These applications are “free” to the user because they’re ad-supported. They will deliver ads for other businesses to your customers, or worse, they could skim sensitive customer data and silently send it to third parties. Choosing the right mobile application development strategy allows you to serve the needs of your customers and enhance your customer relationships without serving up advertising, or transmitting sensitive customer data to a third-party that has an agreement on the side with your developer.

Grantstreet Creative provides a wide array of mobile application development services for small businesses. Our mobile application development services can deliver the highly cost-effective mobile application solutions you want without the ongoing costs that some developers may charge. Contact our creative director Dave Ramsell or give Dave a call at (330) 243-0651. We’ll help you to define the mobile application needs of your small business.

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