3 promotional products that hit the markIn my last post, I discussed the brand building technique of using promotional products as part of your advertising strategy, or in place of more expensive forms of advertising. Promotional products work well because people tend to remember the advertiser that puts a promotional product into a potential customer’s hand. In today’s post, I’d like to present 3 promotional products that will give you the most for your advertising dollar.

Promotional products that deliver real brand building value

Tote bags Far and away, bags produce the largest number of impressions per month among promotional products. For brand building, there’s nothing that even comes close to the value you’ll get from distributing tote bags to your target audience. Considered an “apparel item,” bags generate more than 1,000 impressions per month and are used by target consumers on average more than nine times per month. Better still, bags tend to be used more around the office than any other promotional product, meaning that putting a bag into one target consumer’s hands means that it will make impressions among other potential target consumers that come into contact with the carrier. Best of all, the tote bag with your name and logo on it will cost you just $0.002 per impression.

Caps Caps come in second among the most effective promotional products. Generating nearly 500 impressions per month, caps are another brand building powerhouse. In terms of cost-per-impression, caps deliver nearly half of the impressions that bags do for the same cost-per-impression price: just $0.002! Caps don’t tend to get worn around the office much, but they get used at home a lot! More than three-fourths of recipients said they used promotional caps in situations away from the office – generating hundreds of impressions in the process.

Shirts No discussion of promotional products and brand building would be complete without discussing t-shirts. On average, promotional t-shirts generate nearly 400 impressions per month at a cost of about $0.005 per impression. Like caps, shirts don’t tend to get used around the office much but 5 out of 6 recipients said they used promotional shirts away from the office. At nearly 400 impressions per month per shirt, those numbers are hard to ignore in terms of ad effectiveness.

Honorable mentions Pens tend to generate nearly as many impressions as t-shirts do, but they tend to be used in the office. In terms of promotional products that are most used in the office calendars, which are used in the office by nearly half of the people who receive them, generate more than 200 impressions per month among target consumers at a cost of just $0.003 per impression.

If you would like more information about how you can incorporate promotional products into your brand-building strategy, contact Dave Ramsell, Creative Director at Grantstreet Creative and principal at TheTradeshowStores.com. TheTradeshowStores.com is a sister company of Grantstreet Creative, and can help you make the most of your brand building dollars.