3 Low-Cost Small Business Marketing IdeasThere are no shortages of small business marketing ideas, but when you’re in the middle of running your business, marketing can seem like a secondary task. Here are 3 cost-effective small business marketing ideas that you can start working on today.

Small business marketing ideas that work!

Running a small business is like having two jobs. Your first job is to generate income. Your second job is performing all of the administrative and managerial tasks that need to be done, but that don’t directly produce income. Ordering stock, filling out paperwork and balancing the books are all tasks related to your “second” job. For many small business owners, marketing is part of the second job, even though marketing activities may actually produce significant income over time. Because marketing has the potential to produce new and recurring income, it’s one part of your second job that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Revamp your business cards. This is one of the best, most cost-effective marketing ideas around. Your business card can actually produce income in multiple ways. First, people can sometimes see a future need for your products or services. Handing them a business card gives them the opportunity to contact you when the time is right for them. Studies have shown that business cards that have printing on both sides are more effective and are retained longer than those with printing on one side. Also, thickness counts! People are more likely to hang onto a thicker business card than a thinner one.

Polish up your website. As marketing ideas go, this one is a no-brainer. If your business doesn’t have a website, make one! If you have one, refresh it. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to do product research and locate service providers on the Web. Having an updated website will give your small business greater visibility and credibility among consumers. It also guarantees that you’ll be visible among those consumers who never crack open their phone books.

Consider promotional products. Don’t dismiss promotional products as dated marketing ideas. From the consumer’s perspective, who doesn’t love a freebie? From the business’ point-of-view, promotional products tend to survive in consumers’ hands far longer than other marketing materials do. Wearable products like hats and t-shirts have an especially long life, as do tote bags, pens, USB sticks and other useful products. Better still, studies show that consumers who receive freebies are much more likely to buy products or services from the business than they are to buy from businesses who don’t use promos.

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Photo Credit: brianc, via FreeImages.com