3 hot tips For Your Social Media StrategyDo you still wonder whether creating a social media strategy as part of your overall business marketing plan is worth your time and effort? Here are some hard-to-ignore social media statistics that may help you get off the fence and start putting together your social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy and Facebook

As it turns out, Facebook is a lot more mobile than anyone realized. Nearly 200 million Facebook users access the site exclusively through mobile devices, and mobile devices account for nearly a third of Facebook’s ad revenues. Facebook users check in to their account on average five times per day, and 80% of Facebook users prefer to connect with the brands they like and favor on Facebook over any other social media platform.

So – if you haven’t got a Facebook strategy, now is the perfect time to develop one! If you have a Facebook social media strategy, but it doesn’t target mobile users, you’re probably missing out on the opportunity to reach a large segment of your target population. Remember that location and mobile-friendly content are the keys to a successful social media strategy on Facebook, so if you can take advantage of location-based advertising in any way, Facebook is clearly one solid place to do that. And as long as you’re sprucing up your content, improving the way it displays on mobile devices will go a long way toward attracting those inveterate Facebook users.

Social Media Strategy and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome business-oriented resource, but it lacks something that other social media giants have in spades: users. LinkedIn is currently one of the fastest growing social media sites, but it’s user community doesn’t compare size-wise to titans like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, users on LinkedIn don’t participate the way that they might on another social media site. LinkedIn users are more likely to appreciate non-interactive content like articles and valuable links. How does this affect your LinkedIn social media strategy? Save the interactives – coupons, polls, contests, etc. – for sites where the user community is more likely to participate.

Social Media Strategy and Mobile Devices

Consumers who own smartphones carry them everywhere. All the time. More than 6 out of 10 smartphone owners say that their smartphones are with them all but about an hour of the day, and 8 of 10 smartphone owners say they have their phone within easy reach all but about two hours of the day. That gives you unprecedented access to a fast-growing segment of the adult population. If your social media strategy doesn’t include customized mobile applications for your business, and strategies that can take advantage of your ability to reach your customers directly, you should spend some time considering how you can put your customers’ smartphones to work for you.

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Photo Credit: leocub , via FreeImages