The Digital Literacy Workshop


The emergence and saturation of social media across individuals, business and organizations has transformed how we communicate, advertise and present ourselves digitally. This has been a disruption not only for sharing and connecting but also economically for organizations, benefiting from a lower cost of entry to have stronger regional, national and international exposure. 

Taking advantage of these capabilities means cultivating longtime methods such as storytelling, imagery and more and harnessing them to sustain a genuine and personal presence in a wired world.

The Digital Literacy workshop provides a comprehensive toolkit for putting social media to work in your organizations.

 Across four sessions we cover:

  • How to design your social media strategy and policy
  • Optimize Your Social Media Presence
  • Consistently Create Great Content – Leveraging storytelling, imagery, audio, video and more in your editorial calendar
  • Manage and Measure Your Social Media Usage Effectively

Workshop participants will also have takeaways they can put to use right away, including:

  • Social Media Policy Template
  • Profile Questionnaires to Optimize Social Media Profiles, starting with LinkedIn
  • Editorial Calendar Template
  • Suggested list of apps and solutions, with costs, recommended for use


Attending the Digital Literacy Workshop will provide you the tools and knowledge to accelerate your organization’s use of social media. By the end of the workshop, attendees will know:

  • What each social network is optimal for, by medium and audience
  • Which tools are optimal for monitoring, publishing and measuring their social media activities
  • The steps to developing an editorial calendar for social media
  • How to optimize individual and organizational social media profiles

Provided Materials

A transcript or audio recording of the presentations and lectures given during the workshop will be available upon completion of the workshop, within 48 hours.

The Presentation materials (Power Point or PDF slides) will be available to all participants within 48 hours.

Hyperlinks to online handout material will be provided as the workshop is in progress.

Sources, resources or other tips provided during workshop will be provided in a bibliography to participants within 48 hours.

Workshop Format

The Digital Literacy workshop is in 60-minute sessions, with focused lecture format with presentation, interactive agenda items for Q & A as well as workshop tools that participants can take away and use.

Each series will include four (4) 60-minute sessions that can be attended individually or as a series.

These sessions will be recorded and made available to those who attended for follow up, and for those who paid to attend but were unable to make the live session. In addition workshop tools will be in electronic versions (PDF, DOC and XLS) available for download via hyperlink.

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Facilitator Bio

Blane Social Profile PhotoBlane Warrene is a national expert who speaks, writes and advises on modern technology. His career has included 20 years in and around technology for organizations spanning from financial services to non-profits. He co-founded a social media-monitoring platform in 2009, Arkovi, which he grew and ultimately sold to RegEd in 2012.

He is a sought after speaker, most recently speaking at the national conferences for Morningstar and TD Ameritrade. Blane focuses on the digital business model and how social media can be used to impact customer service, marketing, human resources and operations. He also serves as editor at large for The DigitalFA.

Though a lifelong Ohioan, Blane and his family currently reside in the Research Triangle in North Carolina. Blane also serves as a board member on the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.

OPTIONAL Virtual Coaching Post Workshop

Workshop attendees can optionally choose to select social media coaching services, customized to their organization, in segments of 30, 60 and 90 days.

These virtual coaching sessions allow for a more targeted review of the workshop agenda specific to the needs to each organization. The virtual sessions provide two (2) one-hour sessions per 30-day segment. This includes time spent via online meeting and conference call, to discuss, educate and collaborate on topics important to the organization’s social media initiatives. These include:

  • Optimizing social media profiles at the individual and organizational level
  • Briefing organization management and/or staff on current trends, effective tactics and strategic planning for social media
  • Reviewing and assessing steps to balance security and privacy with social media engagement
  • Best practices in managing social media at the organizational level
  • The virtual coaching sessions can be subscribed to in three formats:
  • By a 30-day window, manually renewable by the subscribing organization
  • By a monthly recurring window, for increments of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  • By a customized block of calendar time, determined by the organization


Time FrameCost
30-day segment$229 month
Recurring subscription, minimum 90 days$199 monthly
Custom $166.50 per hour